Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Oh For The Simple Days of Old

In the olden days things were very simple weren’t they? You stuck on your boots, rousted the dog then belted off up the nearest hill and back down again. Then after a night in the pub you did it all again the next day with never any problems, except for the odd toenail disfigurement or some such.
So it comes as a bit of a surprise in your 5th decade that the old bod starts to exhibit signs of being well, over the hill. I mean here am I, desperate to get out of this closet and fledge, somewhat latterly as an ultra-runner, only to find I’ve run less this year than I have in many a year.
I mean just as I’m starting to recover from my worst running injury ever that’s kept me from building the miles up I now find at least over the last week I’m stricken with a calf pull on the other leg. Still, at least it’s only a pull so it won’t take long to heal hopefully. To help everything along I’ve actually stopped running for a whole week. Well, it was going to be two weeks but that thought was just too hard to bear so a week it will be and it terminates this Friday.
It’s actually not been too bad as I’ve been able to do 150 miles cycling this week and that hasn’t bothered the legs at all and it’s kept my fitness going. So with a bit of luck the rest will rejuvenate the old running bits. The weekend will be the telling point as it looks like mother-in-law duty is imminent. At least that means I get to go for a nice long trot on the North Yorkshire Moors. Mind you that’s where the leg first blew up so hopefully no omen there.
Fingers crossed for some miles next week.


  1. bob..i totally empathise! i was out as you know. like you i have plans but as adversity (relative to the grand scale of stuff of course) hits we have to duck and dive a bit and change our goals. im now telling myself that this will be a year for the second half with a strong intro into 2012. hope you dont think you're losing ground too much. its our 4 legged friends that can feel it more i reckon! hope you're fixed pronto!

  2. Oooh I like your thinking. OK I'm starting my 2012 build up. Bring it on! :-)

  3. Todays run not good. More rest required :-(((