Thursday, 20 January 2011

Night Running

Last night I had a fabulous run after dark.  The conditions were absolutely spot on for it too as there was a full moon, stars and frost everywhere.
The run takes me through fields, woodland and past a couple of small lochs that are still iced over and looked completely white, as did the trees and ground I was running across. It all looked amazingly surreal and contrasted a silvery landscape with a dark backdrop.
I love running when it’s like this and I’m reminded of a similar run a few years ago when it was a dark and star filled night and I suddenly became aware of an aurora playing around in the sky. I remember having to consciously tear my eyes away from the sky and watch where I was putting my feet as I ran.
The other good thing is that as I’m still carrying a niggling knee problem from back in November it forces me to adopt a nice slow pace and so gives my body a bit of a rest too.
I’d really recommend everyone gets away from the streetlights and out into the countryside at night, it’s got loads to offer.


  1. Sounds great. I'm planning a nice long night hill run tomorrow so here's hoping for another clear night and nearly full moon, although maybe not quite as cold as tonight.

  2. Good stuff Ali, where you going?

  3. Was planning on round North Third Reservoir and Sauchie Craigs (a brilliant place to run, just south of Stirling), but haven't gone tonight because my wee boy has a fever - maybe tomorrow.

  4. We should meet up for a run sometime. I'm only up the road from you (Blackford)

  5. That would be good - I sometimes go for a run up Core Hill and Craigentaggert Hill from Blackford on my way to work in the morning. Up Dumyat from Bridge of Allan or Dunblance at night is a nice run.

  6. Yeah there's some great runs from Blackford. For a short one I like Kinpauch then Wether Hill or for a long one, out to Maddy Moss then Ben Cleuch and back via Burnfoot Hill.
    I was up Dumyat on Thursday night. Stirling looks amazing from up there with all the lights and there was a low level fog too.