Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Snow Is In Retreat!

It was way back in my distant memory the last time there was no snow, maybe around the end of November. Since then there’s been that many varieties of the stuff I didn’t realise there could be so many.

First we had the initial 50cm that was soft and sinky making a normally twenty minute run take nearly an hour. Then came the freeze and for a time the snow was fun to run on, crisp and crunchy. The trouble was a slight rise in temperature meant the run became a series of crunch, crunch, *curse* as a foot disappeared to the knee as it broke through the crust.

Next came a hint of rain and the quantity of snow began to diminish as it melted only for the freeze to return making running a terrifying tippy toeing trot with every step a potential bum on ice moment (and I had one or two of those).

Then there was a series of false dawns where over the last couple of weeks the snow almost went building up hopes of carefree runs then VOILA! I open the curtains in the morning only to find another 100mm has silently materialized overnight.

Now things are different though. Looking at the weather forecast for double figure temperatures the snow is on the run. I believe in a couple of days the snow will finally be gone, at least for now. I am actually looking forward to running in the wet, wind and mud of a normal January. I can’t wait to feel the benefit of the resistance training a couple of months of running in snow has given me. I’ve had a few tantalizing glimpses lately, a couple of dozen meters of ice free grass all soft and squidgy and how easy running on it feels. Bring on the mud I can’t wait!

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