Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Woes and Strifes

There are a couple of things really sickening me off right now, one of them is work and the other is knee trouble.
As far as work is concerned I can’t believe how shabbily we engineers have been treated by the directors. It’s no secret the company’s been right up it financially for a couple of years now but last year it came to light the financial director had been deducting money from our wages for pension contributions but not paying it into our funds and propping the company up instead.
As you would imagine we were furious when we found out. The bloke was very lucky nobody called the police in. Anyway, we’ve now found out he’s been doing it again and the pension fund is several months in arrears. Fortunately we have an investment angel on the scene now so I know the pension will get sorted.
The trouble is the company is for me now tainted and it’s such a shame. I absolutely love the work and I love the people I work with but I’m sick of false promises and subterfuge. So as much as I will be saddened I think me and the company are going to have to part ways. I mean, how can I ever trust them again?
I think I’m going to be a regular viewer of S1Jobs over the coming months but I’ve made myself a promise,  that in six months either things here at my company will be all tickettyboo or I’ll be employed by someone else.
On the running front there’s pain here too. I’ve had a problematic left knee since a sprain back in November.  It doesn’t affect me when I’m actually running but when I’m sitting down relaxing it stiffens up and can get very sore. I had thought it was fading away but I did a hilly 12 miler yesterday and today it is not good at all. Whenever I get up I have to stand there for a minute or so stretching the leg out straight so I can walk properly on it.
Looks like a trip to the physio is on the cards and see if she can lock this stable door having first captured the bolting horse. Hey ho we’ll see.

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